Week 4

Challenge Completed

Club Zoom Call

Put it in your diary – Sunday February 28th Club Zoom Call

Week 4

Exercise Plan

4x5km Run/Walk

7×100 Skip

6x2mins of Plank

2x10mins Zumba Session

Zumba Saturday

February 27th

Join me in my final Zumba Class for the February Fitness Challenge … it will be lots of fun smile 

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Meeting ID: 897 8291 4710
Passcode: 8hviaN

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Zumba Saturday

February 27th

“Hi guys,  I hope that you all had fun at Zumba today!! A special shout out to Étain who had super dance moves and showing us all how it’s done :). I’ve really enjoyed seeing you all every Saturday morning.  We’ve decided to keep the Zumba going on Saturday mornings at 10:30am. It’s a great way to see each other and enjoy a fun workout at the same time.  If you haven’t joined us yet please, please, please think about it, I promise it’s a fun half hour!   Please let me know if you have any suggestions for the Zumba videos that we will follow each week!!”

Day 25

Day 24

Week 3 – Mission Accomplished

Week 3 target distance accomplished with an extra 10 km run 

Week 3 Challenge

“Just to keep us all on our toes (sorry for the pun) I’m going to be running a skipping challenge for week three!! The challenge is to see how many skips you can do in 1min. Can’t wait to see all your videos, times and posts☺️“

Skipping Results

Day 17 – Tianna 71 skips & Clark 84 skips

Day 18 – Roisin 143 skips

Day 20 – Aoife 137 skips, Niamh 102 skips & Freda 40smile

Day 21 – Patrice 90 skips!! & Isabella 100

“A massive congratulations to everyone who took part in the skipping challenge. Everyone did so well and they were all amazing scores!! I hope that you all enjoyed it 😋”


“And a massive congratulations to Roisin who was the winner of the skipping challenge with an impressive 143 skips in 1 mins 🥳🥳”

Zumba Saturday

February 20th

Hi guys, thanks so much for another great turn out for Zumba this morning!!! I hope that you all enjoyed it and were singing along like us.  Can’t wait to see how everyone gets on in the last week.  You have all been amazing these past three weeks.  Let’s make this the best week yet 🥳🥳.   Also a massive shout out to Patrice and Isabella for their amazing IT skills! 

Day 17

Day 16

“Hi guys hope your all having a great Pancake Tuesday. This morning I made some of Rosin tasty healthy pancakes. Keep up the good work everyone !!”

Week 2 – Mission Accomplished

Day 14

“Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Hope your all feeling the love ❤️  “

“Torrential rain in Laragh this morning, so did my 5km on the treadmill again this morning!”

Zumba Saturday

February 13th

Hi guys 

Thanks so so much for coming to Zumba this morning.  I hope that you all enjoyed it!! We had a great turn out this morning with over 20 people and I can’t wait to see you all next week to make it bigger and better.  I’m wondering is John still looking for his dancing shoes? For next weekends Zumba, I will be sending out some moves during the week, that you guys can learn before Saturday and I’m going to lead our Zumba. This will be easier for people to follow along and very enjoyable.  Keep your eyes peeled on my page for the dance updates throughout the week!!  

Thanks again for the fantastic turn out 😘😘


Day 10

Day 9

Week 1 – Mission Accomplished 

 Roll on Week 2!

Zumba Saturday

February 6th

Hi guys, loved seeing you all at Zumba. Well done to each and everyone of you on stepping up to the mark and proving to yourself that you are well up for this Club Challenge.  You made week one look easy!  Thanks for posting all your videos and photos on the followers page.

Our aim for next week is follow this weeks plan but add one extra Zumba class. As a team want to have everyone involved next Saturday morning for Zoom Zumba. So let’s put the word out and try to get as many people from all the teams to join us for 20mins of health fun, to kick start the weekend.

So John your going to need to dig out best dancing shoes and those 80s leg warms because I have a feeling everyone will tune in for that !!

Lots of Love
Amelia 🥳🤩😎

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Well done to Gemma and Emily Fahy as well as James Kelly, with there amazing times and great pictures !!😀😀 You can see them on the ‘followers page’😀

A big ‘well done’ to Silvie Cahill & Aoife Finnegan on their fab pictures and times … I am following them on the ‘followers page’smile

Poseidon Lifesaving Club Fitness Challenge

Amelia Kelly

  Hi guys, I hope that you’re all doing okay over this lockdown.  Over the month of February I plan to run/walk 80km, do 20x2mins of plank, 10x10mins of Zumba and 2800 skips.

I decided to take up this challenge as I think that it’s a great way to keep active during lockdown and keep the focus on team building, fun and social interaction, all be it virtual!  I would really appreciate you guys following me as I think I have a variety of fun things that everyone will enjoy and have a great time while doing it!

If your following me we will be doing a very manageable 5km run/walk 4 times a week, every week. You’ll be partaking in Zumba 2/3 times a week for 10mins. Our aim will be to do a 2mins plank everyday bar one day and finally I’ll be asking you to dig out your old skipping ropes and join me in doing 100skips a day

My team can expect positive and motivational messages throughout the weeks to keep us all going.  As well as some videos of me doing the activities to keep us all focused on our end goal.

I want this to be a fun, interactive experience so I will be welcoming and encouraging all of you to get involved. You can do this by sending me your progress and feedback throughout the weeks. This will keep our team focused and it will keep our momentum up, right until the end of the month!

I can’t wait for you to get on board and have some fun together.

See you soon, Amelia 😊😊

Week 1

Exercise Plan

4x5km Run/Walk

7×100 Skip

6x2mins of Plank

2x10mins Zumba Session