“Near, far, wherever you are… make sure you’re practicing social distancing!”

Poseidon Lifesaving Club COVID-19 Guidelines 

Ireland is moving from a short-term emergency response approach to a medium-term approach to managing risk and repairing the damage that COVID-19 has inflicted on society.
A Framework for Restrictive Measures has been developed to help us to go about our daily lives as much as possible, while managing the behaviour of the virus.

The message is to Stay Safe – you are urged to use your own judgement and take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your friends and your family.

Recognising that organised sports and fitness activities are now permitted in outdoor settings for groups of up to 15,  the Expert Group on Return to Sport have provided the following guidance. This guidance should not be considered exhaustive, and organisers are advised to consult other official sources, in particular the advice published by the HSE. (gov.ie)

Poseidon Lifesaving Club is asking all parents/guardians and members to read carefully the below information and to ensure everyone is doing what they can to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

Your help and support is greatly appreciated by the Committee.

Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Return To Outdoor Sports & Fitness Guidance 

  • In order to participate the Open Water training each member must have submitted a completed COVID-19 Health Questionnaire to info@poseidon.ie
  • Members should travel to training alone or with members of the same household. Sharing transport is not advised in this phase of the Roadmap by the HSE
  • Members should not congregate at the beginning or end of the training session. We ask that all members arrive as close as possible to your designated start time, or to wait in their car until their allocated time
  • All members should bring their own water bottle and towel and should only be shared with people from the same household
  • All members are requested to use hand sanitiser on arrival. We also request that each member brings her/his own hand sanitiser with them
  • Any individual equipment provided will be cleaned and sanitised before and after each activity session
  • Sharing of any equipment is not permitted at this phase of re-opening
  • All members will be spaced appropriately to maintain a minimum 2 metre physical distancing throughout the training session whilst not in the water
  • All members are required to adopt good respiratory hygiene, covering their nose and mouth when they cough or sneeze, and using a tissue which is immediately disposed of
  • If a member becomes unwell during the training session, they will be isolated from other members and their parent/guardian will be contacted immediately to collect the member
  • All members are required to stay home if they feel unwell, and to consult their GP
  • Further guidance on hygiene and social distancing is available from hse.ie/covid19

All parents/guardians are required to complete and email a COVID-19 Health Questionnaire for their child, before their child is permitted to train.

Please email you completed questionnaire to info@poseidon.ie with your child’s name in the subject line. 

About the Health Questionnaire
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform Poseidon Lifesaving Club’s COVID Supervisor, Freda O’Kelly, of any changes in health circumstances before subsequent training sessions
  • The presence of symptoms, or temperature (over 37.5°C) precludes attendance at training.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor their own temperature.
  • Clubs are not responsible for recording of temperatures.
  • If required, individuals should telephone their GPs for advice and management.
  • Temperature must not be recorded on the Health Questionnaire.
  • The Questionnaire will need to be completed once, before the initial return to training.

If you have symptoms such as a high temperature, fever, cough, sore throat, general weakness, shortness of breath, and change in taste or smell please do not come to training and consult your GP

The Club has decided that returning to UCD is postponed until furher notice.