Mountbatton/Paddy O'Byrne/Irene McCullough Open Water SERC Competitionand All Ireland Surf Lifesaving Championships 31st August 2019

Swimmers from all over Ireland are invited to compete in this Open Water & Surf Lifesaving Competition. The competition is designed to test the land and water skills of the Lifesafers as they compete as indiviuuals as well as in various team events. The main competition, Simulated Emergency Response Competition (SERC) is an aquatic emergency situation presented to teams of three competitors. They have three minutes to respond to a situation involving rescue, resucitation, first aid and aftercare.

Congradulations to St. J. Berchmans who won 1st place in the SERC event with Poseidon Lifesaving Club coming 2nd second and St. J. Berchmans 3rd.