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Summer Camp 2020

In spite of COVID-19 restrictions John managed to run an open water summer camp for two weeks in August. 

Rookie Gala January 2020

A fantastic event in which many of the Poseidon Rookie Lifesavers competed against each other in a fun competitive way. Organised and managed by the Survive & Save Lifesavers.

Congratulations to Niamh on being awarded the Poseidon Lifesaving Captains role for 2020 and a big thank you to Jake for his role as Captain in 2019.

November 16th 2019 Speeds NAC

Congradulations to everyone who competed in this regional event. Well done Poseidon for bringing home so many medals.

September 28th 2019 Regionals NAC

Congradulations to everyone who competed in this regional event. Well done Poseidon for bringing home so many medals.

Poseidon Lifesaving Club Summer BBQ September 1st 2019

The first club summer BBQ was held on Sunday September 1st 2019 in Lady’s Cove Greystones. It was a great opportunity for the younger ‘Rookie Lifesavers’ to meet with the older ‘Survive & Save Lifesavers’. A fun day was had by all as the sun shone, the Lifesavers splashed and the parents chatted.

Looking forward to next years BBQ already!

Mountbatton/Paddy O'Byrne/Irene McCullough Open Water SERC Competitionand All Ireland Surf Lifesaving Championships 31st August 2019

Swimmers from all over Ireland are invited to compete in this Open Water & Surf Lifesaving Competition. The competition is designed to test the land and water skills of the Lifesafers as they compete as indiviuuals as well as in various team events. The main competition, Simulated Emergency Response Competition (SERC) is an aquatic emergency situation presented to teams of three competitors. They have three minutes to respond to a situation involving rescue, resucitation, first aid and aftercare.

Congradulations to St. J. Berchmans who won 1st place in the SERC event with Poseidon Lifesaving Club coming 2nd second and St. J. Berchmans 3rd.

Bondi Rescue Comes To Greystones

Maxi Trent from the award winning TV series Bondi Rescue spent the weekend with the Poseidon Lifesavers and the RLSS UK Ireland Branch.

Maxi spent the Sunday morning in the Lady’s Cove Greystones  giving a Lifesaving Masterclass to a large group of Lifesavers.

RLSS UK National Speed Lifesaving Championship, Sheffield March 2019

A fantastic event in which many of the Poseidon Lifesavers competed against World Class Athletes.

Congratulations Poseidon Lifesaving Club for winning their first ever medal for the club finishing second in the Rope Throw.

National Branch Lifesaving Championships, May 2019

Swimmers from all over Ireland compete in a multitude of Lifesaving situations. The Lifesavers get an opportunity to put the skills they have been learning and practicing all year to the test.

This year we had the pleasure of the world famous Maxi Trent from Bondi Rescue compete and present awards.

Rookie Gala, The Glenview Hotel, February 2019

A fun annual event where all the Survive & Save Lifesavers put the Rookies to the test. Awards are also presented for various achievements by the Rookies throughout the year including ‘Rookie of the Year’.

Leinster Schools Lifesaving Championships, February 2019

Swimmers from all over Leinster represent their schools in Lifesaving events.

Congratulations to Poseidon Lifesaving Club who won Senior Girls Lifesaving Cup.