Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Business

Attendance Policy

Attendance Log – TemplateAs the club continues to grow, there is a waiting list of people that would like to attend the club. Because of this, attendance at all sessions is critical at Poseidon Lifesaving Club.

The club policy is 80% mandatory attendance on a term basis.

If a member falls below the 80% attendance on a term basis the member will be on probation. If after the second term of below 80% attendance, within a school calendar year, the member is subject to losing her/his, place.

An attendance log will be taken at each training session and the member is marked either absent or present. This is done to manage attendance and from a Child Protection perspective, as per the clubs Risk Assessment Statement.

Survive & Save:     80% attendance at Shoreline, UCD (where appropriate) & Sunday CPR Training

Rookies:                 80% attendance at Glenview Hotel & Open Water


    Poseidon Lifesaving Club is a competitive club and the expectation is that all members will take part in competitions. Not participating in competitions must be agreed in advance with the Head Coach.