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Camera/Filming/ Phone Policy

Poseidon Lifesaving Clubs policy only allows individuals who have been granted permission to video, film or to take photographs of children to do so in line with the RLSS UK & Swim Ireland Photography and Filming Policy. Both policies available through the links below.  Any images taken and then published, printed or viewed either publicly or privately should be in keeping with the ethos of the sport and in line with this policy. &

Poseidon Lifesaving Club do not wish to prevent parents and adults from taking pictures, this policy is in place to ensure only those who have a right to take photographs do so and any images are appropriately used.

General Use of Cameras and Camera Phones/Mobile Devices

  • Cameras and mobile phones/devices with cameras should not be used at unsuitable times or in certain locations, e.g. changing rooms or where camera use is unauthorised.
  • Any photograph taken should be of an appropriate nature.
  • Group photographs involving children are preferable to individual photographs.
  • For presentation ceremonies, swimmers should be dressed in shorts/track bottoms and a top or similar in Club kit
  • ‘Action’ shots with children in swimming attire only, which capture the nature of the sport, are acceptable.
  • Parents/adults taking photographs of their own children should respect other young people’s privacy.

Using Cameras and Camera Phones in Facility

In order to protect your children, Poseidon Lifesaving Club are implementing the following:

Camera phones are not allowed in changing room areas due to the possible inappropriate use that may cause upset or offence to another person. However if one must be taken into the changing area all mobile and camera devices must be turned off whilst in the changing rooms. If a swimmer needs to receive or make a call/text from a mobile device with or without a camera we request that this happens in the lobby or other public area where there is less likelihood for any such use to be misinterpreted.

Any person taking inappropriate photographs will be reported to the Designated Person or other such responsible person, e.g. Club Children’s Officer or event organiser.

Misuse of Camera equipment

  • Any member of Poseidon Lifesaving Club suspected of misuse of their phone/camera equipment will have the device confiscated by the responsible person and, if under 18, their parent/guardian will be contacted.
  • The Club Children’s Officer will be informed if the incident involves a member under 18.
  • The device will be checked by the responsible person as soon as possible full view of the member and parent/guardian (if member is under 18).
  • The incident will be reported to the facility manager and it may be necessary to report suspected inappropriate use of camera equipment to An Garda Siochana for further investigation.
  • Following any outside investigation it will be necessary for Poseidon Lifesaving Club to follow up with further action as required, this will be in line with the RLSS UK and/or Swim Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary process. Any sanctions will be imposed according to the severity of the incident.
  • Where the suspected misuse involves an individual outside Poseidon Lifesaving Club the matter will be reported directly to the facility for further action.
  • If you suspect misuse is happening please report it to a member of staff, a coach, a parent on the premises, member of the committee or other responsible person present.
  • Young members in the club can talk with the Club Children’s Officer (CCO) at any time if they have worries or questions about this policy.
  • All information reported will remain confidential.
  • We ask all members, parents and swimmers to be vigilant regarding this policy.

At Competitions or Events

In line with RLSS UK and Swim Ireland rules, no person may video, film or take photographs at thse events without having received permission and registered their details with the event organiser. Each photographer must supply their name, address and club or business. (I.D. may be requested)

Poseidon Lifesaving Club will use images of our members on social media platforms, and local newspapers which are used solely for the promotion and celebration of Poseidon Lifesaving Club activities. All such images will be in keeping with the ethos of the sport.

Declaration regarding use of Social Media

By signing this declaration, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of this policy as stated.

To be signed by Parent/Guardian

I have read and understand the terms and conditions outlined in this ‘Policy regarding the use of Camera/Filming/Phone and, where relevant, have read over same with my child/children.


Name of Parent/Guardian: ___________________________

Signed: ______________________________                                                   Date______________

Members Name(under 18)

I have read with my parents/guardians the POLICY REGARDING USE OF CAMERA/FILMING/PHONE and understand the terms and conditions outlined.

Name of Member: ___________________________

Signed: _______________________________                                                      Date:______________

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