Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Business

Disciplinary Policy Process

It is important to note that the investigation of suspected child abuse is the responsibility of the Statutory Authorities and should not be undertaken by Club Children’s Officers/ Designated Liaison Person’s or other organisation/club Sports Leaders. The standard reporting procedure outlined in the Statutory Authorities guidelines should be followed by each sports club/organisation and adhered to by its members. 


Poseidon Lifesaving Club on receiving a complaint, will appoint a disciplinary committee to resolve problems relating to the complaint. The complaint should be in writing to the secretary or Club Children’s Officer and should be responded to within 5 working days.

Where a Complaint arises from an alleged breach of the clubs codes of conduct or policies and procedures, reference must be made to the specific breach and where possible, the clause and/or subsection must be specifically referred to on the Complaint Form or Notice of Disciplinary Action.


Don't Hesitate If Concerned

“The responsibility to safeguard our children does not belong to any one person. Instead it belongs to everyone who plays a part in delivering our sporting activities.” (Wavepower 2016)