Milton Berle

“A committee is a group that keeps minutes and looses hours!”

All our Committee members have been Garda Vetted, signed all relevant Codes of Conduct and have completed Sports Ireland Safeguarding 1.

Club Chairperson

Janet Caffery

  • Provide direction for the club by effective leadership and management
  • Chair and control meetings of the committee
  • Act as principal officer within the club, and make decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with other committee members when appropriate
  • Represent the club at external meetings when required
  • Be involved, where appropriate, in the co-ordination of club activities
  • Be present the club’s annual accounts, in association with the club treasurer
  • Determine the content and agenda for club meetings, in association with club secretary
  • Ensure that club statutory documents and other returns are administered and filed on time
  • Advise the treasurer on the use and investment of club funds

Club Head Coach

John Doyle

  • Help swimmers of different ability levels to improve their technique, fitness and performance in the water using a range of exercises.
  • Attending training sessions with groups or individuals
  • Keeping up-to-date on developments in sports science
  • Advising on technique and performance
  • Developing training routines for swimmers
  • Demonstrating strokes and styles in the pool
  • Attending competitive functions with athletes

Club Competitions Officer

Karen Kelly

  • Being aware of competition dates and deadlines for entries
  • Distributing and collecting of entry forms and entry fees
  • Ensuring RLSS membership details are up to date
  • Submitting online competition entries to RLSS HQ and following up any changes required
  • Awareness of rules and changes to the rules
  • In the vicinity of the pool for the duration of the competition, including the full warm-up
  • Ensuring swimmers are poolside and ready for their events
  • Ensuring swimmers are registered for their appropriate events
  • Liaising with competition officials in relation to any issues
  • Liaising with parents to address other roles needed to be filled by the club e.g. timekeeping
  • Assisting coach in timing splits and recording results
  • Checking results sheets
  • Keeping the area around the team tidy, being respectful to & enforcing pool rules
  • Responsible for the team of swimmers for the duration of competition
  • Be aware of any medical needs of the swimmers
  • Feedback of results and Judges comments to Committee

Club Secretary

Peter McGloin

  • Support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee
  • Responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted and maintaining effective records and administration
  • Act on behalf of the Club when the committee has taken decisions or resolutions
  • Carry out all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively.
  • The Club Secretary has an essential role within the club, with a close involvement in the general running of the club
  • Provide the main point of contact for people within and outside the club on just about every aspect of the club’s activities

Club Treasurer

Mary Browne

  • Responsible for empowering the committee to manage the financial affairs of the club
  • Responsible for protection of the club’scash, assets and the volunteers who handle them, ensuring the collection of all revenues and payment of all financial obligations
  • Responsible for the full control of the club’s money, its collection, and disbursement
  • Responsible for keeping accurate books that will enable him/her to give a full financial report whenever requested

Club Children’s Officer (CCO)

Patrice Dowling

  • Be child centred in focus and have as the primary aim the establishment of a child centred ethos within the club
  • Club Children’s Officer is the link between the children and the adults in the club
  • Review current policies in relation to young people, check that all activities are safe and fun, and inform adults of how to deal with any concerns that may arise in relation to the protection of children and young people
  • Be responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Club Management Committee on how club policy affects young people and Sports Leaders
  • Be a member of the Club Management Committee and should meet young people in an appropriate forum
  • Promote awareness of safeguarding guidelines within the club, among young members and their parents/guardians and ensure compliance with the Chairperson
  • Influence policy and practice within the club in order to prioritise children’s need
  • Establish contact with the National Children’s Officer at governing body level
  • Ensure that children know how to make concerns known to appropriate adults or agencies
  • Encourage the appropriate involvement of parents/ guardians in the club activities
  • Act as an advisory resource to Sports Leaders on best practice in children’s sport
  • Report regularly to the Club Management Committee
  • Monitor changes in membership and follow up any unusual dropout, absenteeism or club transfers by children or Sports Leaders
  • Ensure that the children have a voice in the running of their club and ensure that there are steps young people can take to express concerns about their sports activities / experiences
  • Facilitate parent’s information sessions at the start of the season
  • Keep records on each member on file, including junior members, their contact numbers and any special needs of the child that should be known to leaders
  • Ensure each member signs an annual membership form that includes signing up to the code of conduct for sports leaders and children and young people
  • Ensure that the club rules and regulations include: • complaints, disciplinary and appeals procedures. • an anti-bullying policy. • safety statement. • rules in relation to traveling with children. • supervision and recruitment of leaders.

Club Logistics Manager

Garret Power

  • Responsible for safely transporting the club equiptment between events and swim locations.
  • Responsible for ensuring all equiptement is safely and securely stored.

Neil Gaiman

“I would like to see anyone, prophet, king or God convince a thousand cats to do the same thing at the same time!