Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Business

Travel Policy

The ‘Travelling and Away Trips Policy’ requires that adults should avoid travelling alone with a single child. If you are travelling to an away event, either within or outside Ireland all travel and accommodation arrangements, to the event is the sole responsibility of Parents/Guardians.


All laws and rules of the country in which the children are travelling must be observed.


General Travelling considerations

  • Any transport provided by Poseidon Lifesaving Club must be adequately insured, with sufficient seats and all road traffic laws must be obeyed. It is club policy to have a central collection and drop-off points. Parents/Guardians must be aware of the times and arrive promptly to avoid a child being left on their own.
  • Leaders should avoid travelling with a single child. There may be an occasion where this is unavoidable for the child’s safety e.g. in an emergency situation. In this instance the adult should contact the Parent/guardian to inform them of the situation, and the child should be seated in the rear seat.
  • Leaders should avoid offering regular journeys or lifts to a child; this can only be arranged by the Parent/Guardian and the Club must receive written permission from the Parent/Guardian taking responsibility for their decision.