Week 4 – Mission Accomplished

Club Zoom Call

Put it in your diary – Sunday February 28th Club Zoom Call

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Day 28

So we have come to the end of the challenge. Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who followed me, you all smashed it!! And a big thank you to Patrice for all her hard work every night updating the website👏👏

24.49km walked and 28 at work


Day 27

Was teaching some life support classes in work today, hopefully we will be back training in the club very soon 😊

Day 26

Was tried today and feeling lazy but Niamh persuaded  me to go for a walk with herself and the dog!

Day 25

 Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday 😊

Day 24

Can’t believe the challenge is nearly over. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday 😊

Day 23

A busy day in the hospital!


Day 22

Welcome to the final week of the challenge. Just did the loop of Greystones, glorious day out there. Thanks to Gina for the great reminders, can’t believe this time last year we were all pushing for Lakers 💪 Lets use that same strength for the last push of the challenge👍😊 Well done to all my amazing followers for all their hard work last week.  Can’t  wait to see this weeks pictures full of sunshine 🌞 

Week 3 – Mission Accomplished …

Target was 25 kn

Actual is 53.79 km!!!

28.79 km walked in the frsh air!

25 km walked in the confines of the hospital!


Day 21


A beautiful warm day, great weather to finish off week 3 of the challenge.
28.79km walked and 25 in the hospital this week.


Day 20


Day 18

Finished work for the week. There is a definite air of optimism in the hospitals so 🤞 you all get back to  school in March and some kind of training can resume soon. So keep up al the amazing work on your fitness 👍

Day 17

Another long day in a very busy hospital!


Some great pictures of spring on Gina’s page, wonderful to see all the lovely flowers 😃

Day 16

Back to work in a very busy hospital!

Day 15

Fab day, bright and warm. Feels like spring is here at last 🌞

Week 2 – Mission Accomplished …

Target was 25kn

Actual is 55km!!!

27km walked in the frsh air!

28km walked in the confines of the hospital!


Day 14

So the rain eventually stopped and I got out for a lovely long walk with the dog to finish off week 2. 

27km walked in the fresh air and 28km in the hospital. 
Keep up all the good work as we move into week 3 and enjoy mid term😊 
Thanks to all who are following me and don’t forget to send in more of your fab photos❤❤


Day 13

Cold, wet and windy but managed a short walk regardless. Keep up the good work everyone👍👍


Day 11

Long day at work, 15hrs and just over 12km walked. Will definitely rest tomorrow🥱


Day 10

I know its cold outside but don’t let that stop you getting out there. Throw on a hat and some gloves and head out for some fresh air, it’s better then being stuck in PPE all day! 


Day 9



Day 8

Welcome to week 2 of the challenge. The waves were wild so I kept on the path for this mornings walk. 🥶

Week 1 – Mission Accomplished …

Target was 25kn

Actual is 52.8km!!!

Day 7

A windy coastal walk to finish off week 1 of the challenge. 27.9km walked and a further 24.9km done at work. Roll on week 2.


Thanks to all who are following me👍


Day 6

Myself and Niamh out for a Saturday morning stroll👍

Day 4

The website looks amazing, it’s great to see everyone out and about with such enthusiasm. Some fab photos, keep them coming. Just finishing up work for the week, a little tired so will rest tomorrow. I haven’t seen daylight since Monday so looking forward to some nice walks over the weekend. Keep up the good work and don’t let the snow stop you😉

Day 3

Day 2

Day 2

Just finishing up work and walked 7.9km  during my shift. Hope you guys all had a good day on the move 😊

Day 1

Hi everyone and welcome to the start of  operation keep fit.

Day 1 challenge is complete. We are so lucky to be close to the sea so pop on a coat and go for a lovely coastal walk.

Freda O’Kelly

Poseidon Lifesaving Club Fitness Challenge 

A Different Perspective!

As a healthcare worker, I do not have the option of working from the safety of my own home, so I have decided to use the hospital as one of my routes. On these days natural light and footpaths will be swapped for the floors of a theatre suite and ICU, but you will see that distance can be achieved even with the shortest of routes!

I know it’s incredibly difficult for you all at the moment, learning from home instead of a classroom, no sporting activities, and not seeing your friends are all big sacrifices.

While staying at home is so important in the fight against the virus it is not something that comes naturally to us and so exercise is now more important than ever.

So please get up and get active, follow one of the leaders, and remember every step counts.

Over the month of February, I plan on walking 100km.

Route 1

Hospital Map

Route 2

Coast Walk 4.7km

Greystones to Kilcoole