Week 4

The Final Countdown!

20 km Target …

Club Zoom Call

Put it in your diary – Sunday February 28th Club Zoom Call

  Day 27

  Day 26

  Day 25

  Day 24

Week 3

Mission Accomplished

20 km

 … and some more!

  Day 21

  Day 19

  Day 16

  Day 15  

Week 2

Mission Accomplished

20 km Target … 23 Achieved

 … and some more!

Day 12

That’s all walking done for this week hopefully get the kayak out over the weekend

Day 11

It’s a bitterly cold on the hills this morning … it would definately wake you up!

Day 10

We did a low land 3km walk tonight just for a change!

Day 9

Some snow on the ground, bitterly cold with that wind this morning !!

Day 8

Week 1 

Mission Accomplished

20 km

 … and some more!

Week 1

Target Distance 20km

  Day 5  Mission Completed

20 km walk and over 6km Kayaking. Will have a look at times and a plan for next week. Thanks everyone and stay safe smile

  Day 3  Evening Run & Kayaking

  Conor slowing Garret down!

  Day 3  6.30 km Morning Run

  Day 1 Vartert Trails


Poseidon Lifesaving Club Fitness Challenge

Garret Power

Over the month of February I plan on doing some hill walking and jogging around the lakes in Roundwood. My target is 20km a week hopefully achieving 80km by month end. I am also planning on doing some kayaking.