Week 4 Mission Accomplished

Thanks to all the followers you are amazing!
We have completed our challenge 60km and more….
Sunday, Feb 28th finale.

Week 4 Walks
Wednesday stroll

Thursday walk

Saturday 45 minutes Pilates class followed by a 5km walk.

Sunday walk 4K

Club Zoom Call

Put it in your diary – Sunday February 28th Club Zoom Call

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Week 3 – Mission Accomplished …

Day 21

My final walk for the week

Day 18

Lunch time walk, beautiful day.

Day 16

Different route today Lidl to Delgany and back.

Day 15

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to the followers you really are making this a challenge and lots of fun. I love seeing your photos.

My first walk this afternoon was with a toddler, hence going around in circles at a very slow pace. However, because toddlers look at everything close to the ground, we did see snowdrops, daffodils and crocus. And you know what that means, Spring is in the air.
My second walk this evening was at a faster pace. Also attended a 45 mins Pilates.
Let’s keep going.

Week 2 – Mission Accomplished …

Day 14

Happy Valentine’s Day
It’s so much warmer today, it’s a good day for a walk.

Day 11

Be careful out there today, gusts up to 70km per hour. Super strong winds, it will blow the cobwebs off ya. Stay safe.

Day 9

Watch out today, it’s the wind that will get ya. I’ve tears rolling down my cheeks.

Day 8

It was cold this morning on my walk. I was delighted to complete 4K. Then I realised I did not start my route map aaaahhhh 😩.
So I’m uploading last weeks route as I did the same walk today. Hope you get out for a quick walk today. 🥾🥾

Week 1 – Mission Accomplished …

Target was 2okm

Actual is 22km!!!

Day 7

Well done to all the walkers, we have finished week 1. Now we are in our groove, hope you are looking forward to week 2. Keep up the good work.

Keep walking, we can do this 👍

Day 6

Good Afternoon Saturday Walkers
Week 1 almost complete.
I started the morning off with a 45 min Pilates class, great for the back. (Old age)
Hope you get out for your walk between the rain. Look at these black clouds aahhh
Keep walking, we can do this 👍

Day 4

I love this seat by the sea

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you have started your walking. 
We all need a little motivation, just a little push to get us started, then we are off – full speed ahead. It was a lovely walk this afternoon. See you down by the sea 🌊 

Day 2

Greystones Walk

Booth Dog following Gina wink

Day 1 

Greystones Walk

Gina Wall

Poseidon Lifesaving Club Fitness Challenge

Hope you are all keeping well. I’ve been walking around my house driving myself mad, so I’ve decided with Poseidon to challenge myself by walking 60K for the month of February.

I expect to walk 15K per week. This will help me to keep busy and start to get fit.

Feel free to join me on my adventure around Greystones and Bray, keeping within my 5K radius.

Week 1

Target Distance 15km

Route 1

Greystones Walk

Route 2

Bray Walk