Mountbatten September 16th 2023


Teams for Mountbatten

Poseidon A

Luca Spurling (C)

Emilie Fahy

Scott Heffernan

Poseidon B

Sinead Ivory (C)

Ciaran Byrne

Sean Hogan

Poseidon C

Eva McGloin (C)

Gemma Fahy

Adam Devlin

Poseidon D

Chloe O’Reilly (C)

Anna McGloin

Isla Graham

Poseidon E

Bailey Crean (C)

Abby Cahill

Isaac Devlin

Teams for Rookies

Poseidon A

Euan Doyle (C)

Oscar Doyle

Poseidon B

Ruth O’Reilly (C)

Niamh Graham

Poseidon C

Se Hogan (C)

Max Petit

Mountbatten/Paddy O’Byrne/Irene McCullogh Open Water Competition
All Ireland Rookie Open water SERC Shield

Saturday 16th September 2023

South Beach, Greystones Beach, Co. Wicklow

Start Time 11.00am

Mountbatten/PaddyO’Byrne/Irene McCullogh Competitions– team event (3 competitors) – Open water competition – minimum age 12 on the day of the competition. There can be a mixture of any age 12+ and any gender on a team. All teams must be part of a RLSS club.
Wetsuits up to 5mm thickness allowed. Protective footwear strongly recommended.

All Ireland Rookie Open water SERC Shield– Team Event (2 competitors) open water competition. This is open to all kids aged 9 to 11. They must have a up to date RLSS membership. This competition is an inci-dent-based competition. The incident will be based on the RLSS Rookie syllabus. The teams can be made up of any age or gender combination.

Surf relay Competition

Rescue Tube Rescue
Competitors take part in teams of two. On starting signal the ‘casualty’ swims 25-30 metres to a marker buoy and signals to their partner (by raising one hand while the other hand is in contact with the buoy) that they have reached it. They take up a position on the seaward side of the buoy. The second swim-mer, wearing rescue tube (No swim fins permitted), swims to partner around the left side of the marker buoy and rescues with torpedo buoy clipped around the ‘casualty’. Casualty may assist to clip on the res-cue tube but may not swim on the front during the return. Casualty may assist by using their legs or arms but not on the front, and arms must remain in the water. Competitors return on the right of the marker buoy. On reaching shore ‘casualty’ and rescuer will race to finish line. Competitors must cross the finish line on their feet. (Rescue Tubes supplied by the organisers must be used)

Rescue Board Race Relay
Competitors take part in teams of 4. Each competitor uses a rescue board to paddle to a marker buoy and returns to beach and passes board to their team member.

Ironman relay
Run, swim, paddle swim (distance 150m to 200 per leg depending on conditions )

Distances in the races will depend on sea conditions on the day.

Photography: Anyone who wishes to take photographs or film/video images must sign the Photography Event Registration sheet. Photographs or recorded images must be used in an appropriate manner.
Please note that photos may be used for club records, may be printed in Newspapers, the Ireland Face-book page or sent to official Lifesaving sites. These images are used solely for the promotion and celebra-tion of RLSS to know each other.

Note: Please do not enter competition if you are
not 100% committed. We have had people let
their team mates down in the past!!