Niamh Heads To Galway


To all at Poseidon,

I am heading off to Galway to study science, so after 10 years with the club I bid you all a sad farewell, and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the club.

Thank you to all the committee members, old and new, who keep the club running behind the scenes.

Thanks to all the amazing coaches for the time, effort, and energy you put into every training session. Special thanks to Gina, whose good humour and support encouraged many of us through the tough training sessions on Friday nights in UCD.

Thanks to all the Poseidon members, I will miss all the fun at training and the celebrations at competitions. Our enthusiasm, courage, and support for one another make us a truely unique club. I look forward to hearing about all your future successes.

Thanks to John, for taking me into Rookies when I was bored of lane training. I will carry all the lifesaving skills learnt from you with me into the future, and I will always be grateful for the belief you had in me.

Final thanks is to my mother, who started out sipping coffee at the side of the pool, but very quickly became as involved and invested in the club as I was.

I will miss you all.

Best wishes,

Niamh xx

Luca Spurling

New Club Captain

January 2021

Congratulations to Luca who was appointed Club Captain at the Zoom Club Meeting in December 2020

Conor Power Gets Recognised By The RLSS UK

Poseidon Lifesaving Club


RLSS UK Aspire Certification

Poseidon Lifesaving Club has been affiliated to the Royal Lifesaving Society UK for the past number of years. The RLSS is a charity that aims to provide communities throughout the UK and Ireland with the education and training to have fun safely around water.

Both the Rookie and Survive & Save lifesaving programmes which Poseidon Lifesaving Club run are developed by the RLSS UK.  All certifications are validated by the RLSS UK and lifesaving certifications are recognised world wide and are considered to be ‘best in class’.

To support clubs in their own development and to meet the industry needs, RLSS UK have created the RLSS UK Club Development Programme (See chart below). This programme aims to deliver free, convenient, practical resources to support clubs while they continue to run a safe, sustainable and successful operation. The RLSS UK Club Development Programme is relevant to all clubs that deliver lifesaving and lifeguarding awards and activities. It crosses all disciplines, helping to embed good practice and to publicly identify which clubs are well-run organisation with high-quality activities.

Over the past year the Poseidon Lifesaving Committee has been working very hard documenting and implementing processes and procedures to help the club run in a safer and more efficient manner. The club has built its processes and procedures using both Swim Ireland and the RLSS UK guidelines and framework.

Poseidon Lifesaving Club has invested heavily in technology developing  an informative and robust website, implemented all required Child Safeguarding legislation, introduced a new swim attendance management system, introduced electronic form transfer between members and the club trying to eliminate the need for hardcopy transfer and is now proactively communicating with its members with the club newsletter on the website, whilst adhering to GDPR guidelines.

The club has also introduced all HSE COVID-19 safety guidelines to protect its members and help reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

The club is very pleased to announce that in May 2020 Poseidon Lifesaving Club was awarded the ‘Aspire’ RLSS UK Club Certification. This award is only given to those lifesaving clubs who demonstrate that they are a strong, safe and sustainable club, that the club has proper governance, adheres to the required legislation and safeguarding compliance requirements and actively communicates with its members and encourage member participation.

By receiving this award Poseidon Lifesaving Club has access to a wide array of RLS UK lifesaving programmes and support services.

Poseidon Lifesaving Club is the first lifesaving club in Ireland to receive this award.

The club is now working towards the ‘Accredited Club’ level.

Message from RLSS UK

Elouise Greenwood RLSS UK Participation Manager

“I can confirm that you are the first club in Ireland to achieve Aspire!, a great achievement. Aspire means you’ve identified your goals, developed a record / action and development plan – tailored to your club, you are assessing your progress and promoting your achievements, you have achieved a recognised success. The programme offers a way to define what success means to your club, to recruit more volunteers, to benefit from resources and, of course, to grow the members / people engaging with your club. It’s about being the club you want to be, the best club you can be.

As we keep moving on, aspire clubs will appear first on club finder, will be the clubs recommended and will be clubs recognised as one of quality and safety.

“RLSS UK would like to congratulate Poseidon Lifesaving Club on achieving the Aspire level of the club development programme.  It’s an fantastic achievement and shows a commitment to quality, safety, and excellence.  As the first club in Ireland to achieve this level, your members should be proud of this progress. Congratulations”